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Are you ready to write your dreams into reality?

Maybe you’ve seen me talk and rave about journaling for a while. You’ve wondered what the whole “magic” is about and why people can’t stop raving about it once they’ve had their breakthroughs with journaling.  

It got you interested in it. It made you want to implement a routine like this in your own life as well, but you have no idea how to get started.  

You might have questions like:  

What shall I write about? How much should I write down? When should I do it? Are there rules to make journaling more effective? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a secret to make journaling work for me? Should I do it with prompts? Where do I get prompts from? What even are prompts and why are they so powerful?

The LIFE CHANGING MAGIC of Journaling Monthly Membership ✨  

I’ve been in there before. I’ve seen the most successful people talking about there morning routines, their journaling practices and how much it had effected their life. It got me into it, but I as I wanted to implement a routine like that into my own life, I was scared I would miss something. The perfectionist in me had no idea how and where to get started. So I had a hard time doing it consistently. I overthinked the whole process and put way too much pressure on myself, until I realized journaling really was about me. It’s my daily soul date. It grounds me and sets me up to be the best version of myself I can possibly be EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

Journaling quickly became more important to me than brushing my teeth, going to the gym or any other habit I had until then. Because I’ve never had a habit THIS powerful before.  

✨Breakthroughs ✨Empowerment ✨Manifestations ✨Downloads from the universe ✨Alignment ✨Intuitive guidance ✨Confidence ✨Thinking BIG ✨Showing up BIGGER, BOLDER, BRIGHTER ✨Raising my vibe ✨Attracting the right people, the right opportunities, the right vibes, friends and relationships ✨Taking leaps ✨Stepping into my full potential  

All of the above would not have been possible if it was not for my daily journaling practice. So I had not a single doubt when naming this membership “the LIFE CHANGING MAGIC of Journaling”, because it truly is exactly this. And I want to show you how it can be the same thing for you, girl!  

Are you ready?  


Monthly Magic

The Life Changing Magic of Journaling Monthly Membership will introduce you to a whole new level of mindfulness. We will dive deep into everything you need to know about this powerful tool. All of your questions will be answered. You will be guided by me - as your journaling mentor - but also by our group of like-minded women, that are ready to discover their MAGIC with journaling. 

Monthly Journaling Guides

 prompts + secrets, that will uplevel your journaling routine, so you can connect to your soul more deeply and get rid of limitations and blocks 

Private Facebook Group

be surrounded and supported by high vibe girls, who will cheer you on, celebrate your breakthroughs and become your new soul sisters

Exclusive access to Kathi

as your journaling mentor! - ask me all of your burning questions about journaling and limiting beliefs that come up - we will work through them!

PLUS: ✨Bonus journaling prompts whenever I feel our group needs them ✨Vulnerable insights into my own journaling sessions, so you can see how I work through my own limitations as well 

Everything we share in this community will stay in there. It’s you new secret place to be who you truly are, without hesitations. It’s your secret escape to work through negative thoughts, so you can shift your mindset and uplevel into the life you truly deserve. No more holding back!  


Super Bonus Price is only 13.33€/month!!*  

*We want the TLCMOJ Membership to be a high vibe place. So if for whatever reason you don’t want to be part of it anymore, you can cancel anytime.  

Yes, you see right - it’s just 13.33€! (crazy low!!) Price will definitely increase soon!  

Access to the high vibe Facebook Group immediately after enrollment!  

You can literally get started NOW + save your Super Bonus Price FOREVER!* ✨ * Price increases for the next enrollment, but you will sit with this Bonus Price for as long as you are an active member! 

Are you ready for this LIFE CHANGING experience?  

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Why this journaling membership is SO powerful:

I know how hard it is to do all of this alone. That’s exactly why I wanted to create this community. I don’t want you to sit there with your journal, all alone, when all of your blocks and limitations come up and you have no idea how to work through them. I know how that feels! It can be a dark place. It can be depressing, discouraging. You might cry, you might scream, you might want to run away and just forget about it.  

But you also know, that this is not the solution. You have to work through it, or else nothing will change. And you deserve change. You deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Journaling is your tool, girl!  

It’s more than just a daily routine. It’s way more than just writing stuff down. It’s SO much more. It’s MAGIC. It truly is.  

Are you ready to Step into Your Magic? ✨ 


About your instructor

Hey Babe, I'm Kathi!  

I'm a business and mindset coach, that helps you to create a soul-aligned life from the inside out. My mission is to empower women to think BIGGER, show up BOLDER and shine BRIGHTER. You have MAGIC inside of you. So let's get rid of everything that is holding you back and step into your true power! Dive in, check out how I can help you and go with whatever your soul feels called to. I can't wait to go to the next level with you!  

 Step in Your Magic.

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