Step in Your Magic + build a soul-aligned Empire!

As you read this page, the magic already started. Your energy already shifted. The universe already created new opportunities for you. YOU are already shifting. As you go on, be guided by one of my favorite song. I'm listening to it while I download everything I want to tell you on this page. By listening to it yourself, you'll enter the magic frequency, that allows my higher self to talk to your higher self. Soon you'll feel how your intuition will kick in. You might get goosebumps. You might feel like I've been in your head and only write about you here....

The truth is - I have. But really, the universe has. It's the sign that you've been waiting for. One of the signs that guides you into the right direction - straight into your magic, your purpose, your best self, that version of you you've dreamed about.

But up until now, you never believed in her. You never thought you could really be her. There was resistance. There still is and you have no idea how you could ever be like her. Is she even you? Some days it does feel like she isn't. She's so far away....

Release roadblocks, learn to use your soul as a guide + step back in your MAGIC.

What are you here for? why do you even live? What is your life about? What excites you? What can you even bring to the world?

If you read this page, I know you've asked yourself these questions before. You've wondered what this life is all about and you've felt stuck, unmotivated, drained by your life, because it just always felt like there was something missing. You probably feel like that on a regular basis, right?

Unfullfilled. Drained. Unmotivated. Searching for something better. And you don't even know what this could even be.

Maybe you've tried to tell yourself, that life just has to be like that. Because that's how it is for most people. That's how it has been for your parents. That's how it is for most of your friends.

Yet you sense a spark within yourself, that always tried to tell you, that this is not how YOUR LIFE should be like, right?

Could this be your intuition?

The magic of the universe ✨

Up until now, you never allowed to listen to this little spark. No one does. And in fact - you have way to many other thoughts going on in your head every day, that feel so much more real.

I get that. I've been there too. Yet I know, that this little spark is there within you for a reason. That's the magic of the universe working inside of you.

Your life shouldn't be hard and frustraiting. You shouldn't feel unfulfilled. You shouldn't make sacrifices. You don't have to follow the same path everyone else seams to follow.

If there is something inside of you, that tries to guide you in a different direction, go there. Go down that road, even if it's scary. The universe sends you these hints for a reason. You've stumbled upon this page for a reason. There are no such things as coincidences!

Quantum Shifts.

By entering the Magic Mentoring with Kathi you'll shift into a whole new energy. It's the first step of that quantum leap you want to make. The shift that makes you embody your true magic. First we will discover your magic, then we erase all the road blocks, so you can dance life's dance and step into your true power. 

Remember this girl we talked about in the beginning? It's you! Can you see it now? It has always been you - on a different frequency in this universe.

Are you ready to step into your true magic?

How your Magic Mentorship could look like...

If you are done questioning yourself and wondering if there is a better life out there for you, this mentorship will give you the Magic Moments you are craving for!

✨ connect the dots of everything that happened for you in your life and see how it all is part of your MAGIC 

✨ finally understand why you had to struggle and why this is all a part of the universal plan

✨ be guided by Kathi while she helps you work through limiting beliefs + every road block that still stops you from living your truth

understand your own energy and learn how you can leverage your feminine energy to connect to the universe daily - that's when you are guided, that's when your manifestations come into reality with ease

✨ learn how your magic actually IS the foundation of your life, but also the foundation of your profession, your business, the very gift you can offer the world (remember: the universe doesn't create coincidences - it all has a reason!)

✨ultimately embody your uniqueness and see how easy life can be, how easy success can be, when you truly embody your true essence, your power

It has always been there, hidden under your doubts, the conditioning from school, your childhood, society. 

Let the Magic Mentorship re-enlighten the fire within you. You deserve it! 

Apply now ✨

If you don't build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

- Farrah Gray -

Your success is a reflection of the connection to your Magic. ✨  

Your light has so many different shades...

That's why this Mentorship has so many shades too. We discover your Magic in many different ways. Here are some examples of things we can dive deep into:

✨Healing your wounded inner child.

✨Healing the relationship with your mum.

✨Healing the relationship with your dad.

✨Healing your wounded feminine energy + allowing yourself to step into your feminine power again.

✨Healing your eating behaviours.

✨Healing your confidence and self image.

Facing your shadows + finding the light in them.

✨Learning more about your energetic blueprint with Human Design.

✨Discovering your purpose with Human Design, Astrology + your unique story.

✨Healing your relationship with money.

✨Healing your relationship with love.

✨Erasing limiting beliefs about yourself, business, your income and self worth.

✨Erasing the idea that making money is hard work. - Listen: It get's to be easy!

✨Learning the magic of manifestation, so you can create your dreams into reality.

✨Learning to connect to your soul on the deepest level, where you finally know and feel what your Magic is.

✨Learning to connect to the universe, so you feel the guidance, so you receive signs, so that success gets to be easy and flowy.

✨Learning how doing less actually leads you to more success, money, fulfillment - it get's to be this easy! (if you live your magic)

✨Learning all about the energetics of the universe we live in: crystals, feminine + masculine energy, energy types, energy connections, raising your energy, attracting energy and so much more...

✨Learning the mastery of journaling - hands down my favorite tool for daily empowerment, manifestations + scripting your dreams into reality.

✨Learning why it is actually important to make your magic your business + why the world needs it!

✨Learning how you can actually create money and abundance in your life + learning about the energetics behind it, so abundance is a natural byproduct of living your Magic. It get's to be this easy!

Magic Mentorship Programs 

the 12 week intensive

✨12 weeks of high level support

✨bi-weekly calls, where we dive deep into discovering your magic, so you can live your truth + step into your power in all areas of life

✨unlimited whatsapp support via text + voice messages, so you can get access to my energy whenever you need it

✨everything recorded + documented, so you can have lifetime access + can relisten + reread everything as often as you want

Pay-in-full bonus: Human Design Chart PDF Analysis

the 6 month uplevel

✨6 months of high level support

✨monthly calls, where we unlock your magic and strategize how you can spread it into the world and shine your light in all areas of your life

✨unlimited whatsapp support via text + voice messages, so you can get access to my energy whenever you need it

✨everything recorded + documented, so you can have lifetime access + can relisten + reread everything as often as you want

✨magic fusion: the exklusive option to work with me on collaborations and magical projects

Pay-in-full bonus: Human Design Chart PDF Analysis 1 year of The Life Changing Magic of Journaling Membership

I remember always wondering why other women had more success, more money, more love and more abundance in their life. I was constantly searching for their secret, because I was convinced there was something I was missing.  

Guidance from books, podcasts, videos and courses just never really seamt to work for me in the same way they worked for others. I was still looking for my breakthrough. Then I realized, that there was still one thing missing - me!  

Instead of focusing on external influences, I started to build the connection to my soul. We are born with a purpose. Our soul has our blueprint, but growing up this blueprint gets masked by experiences, opinion and education. So we forget how it feels to listen to our intuition. We don’t know our purpose anymore and we might even follow the wrong path, that does not lead to success and fulfillment.  

Today I know I had to lose my identity, I had to lose the connection to my soul, so that I can now teach other women how they can step back into their magic. Only then you’ll find fulfillment, joy, love and success.  

Selin S. Holistic Health Coach

"Before I started coaching with Kathi, I felt completely lost. I've always had this dream to start my own business, but I just never knew how and where to start. 

Thanks to this coaching I got a step by step guide to real-life my dreams. Kathi always asked the right questions to bring the important things in my consciousness. I've always felt supported, understood and guided. After every call I felt encouraged and ready to show up and step outside of my comfort zone. I highly reccomend working with Kathi as a coach!"

Working with me will uncover your true self.

One of our core projects in our time together is uncovering and clearing old stories, that mask your true magic. I want my clients to break free from limitations, fears and doubts, so they can show up and shine for their purpose.  

We will reprogram your mind, reconnect to your soul and create a schedule that aligns the hustle with the flow in perfect harmony. Your soul will finally have the space to breath and live again, while your business is expanding, growing + scaling.  

You’ll learn how you can use your feminine power to reach next level success without burning out and feeling overwhelmed.

Finally you will allow yourself to - THINK BIG + BIGGER! 

Are you ready?

Yasmin B. Founder of BOSSY BLOOM, Glitter & Goals & Girl Boss Mentor 

"I never thought I would ever dive so deep when it comes to the topic of coaching...but this committment was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I always saw myself as a coach. Working with Kathi this mindset completely shifted and I realized how important it is to have a coach even if I am a coach myself.

During our time together Kathi brought so many mindset shifts into my life. She inspired me to think different ad see things from a different perspective. I experienced shifts I haven't had in the last 20 years. So much growth in such a short period of time!!

“Thank you” is not enough... I can't even explain how grateful I am for everything Kathi has done for me. Because of our time together I found my own worth, my magic, my uniqueness and my message.

What is your worth?  

Love, Y."


- xoxo Kathi -

Why I'm so passionate about your breakthrough...

Hey Soul Sister! My name is Kathi and my mission is to show female entrepreneurs how they can build a soul-aligned empire without working themselves into the ground.

This is very personal topic for me because I've been on the other side or a long time in my life. I was overworking, tried to manage 3 jobs at once while building a business and living life. I felt like I had to do all of these things in order to be successful, because success did not come natural to me. For the longest time I had this belief inside of me, that other women are luckier, prettier, better and more influential and that I simply have to "outwork" them in order to reach a similar level of success.

But it did not work....

Instead I found myself in a miserable state: not taking care of my health, losing way too much weight, risking relationships with friends and my partner and being exhausted from life and business. I completely lost my creativity, my motivation and passion for my business and questionned EVERYTHING about my life.  

Being a very spiritual person I knew this is a wake up call from the universe. There is something I need to learn here! I was convinced there must be another way to live a fulfilled life while building an empire.  

So I did the things that scared me the most: work less and face my biggest fears.  

Today I live in alignement with my Magic, because I reconnected to my soul and that's why I can live a fulfilled life, create massive success without making all of the sacrifices I used to do!  

Are you ready to create this for your own life? 


Step in Your Magic, Babe! ✨

Are you ready to live your BEST LIFE?

Alicia J. Confidence Coach  

"I have to thank Kathi from the bottom of my heart. If it was not for her, I would not be where I am today. I've finally launched my own Podcast, even though I couldn't imagine doing something like this before. But she encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone + overcome fears and limiting beliefs

In addition to that I've launched my own Blog + expanded my Pinterest reach from 3K to 126K within weeks, all thanks to Kathi's strategies and tips.

Coaching with Kathi also allowed me to find my own magic and further define my "why" behind the business. Now I know exactly what my message is and the impact I want to make.

Kathi not only helped me build my business, she also helped me grow SO much as a person. I always felt supported and listened to. She guided me through hard times when I was ready to give up and felt overwhelmed. She always brought my inspiration and motivation back.

All in all I can confidently say, that this coaching was the best thing that happened to me within the last 2 years. I gained so much clarity, confidence and now know, that I can really have an impact in this world."